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The launch of a brand new slot game, grand, stunning and meet Emperor Augustus. Octavian is also known as Octavian is the first Roman emperor. He comes with a lot prize money and an extremely lucrative feature. คาสิโนออนไลน์ Try our Ancient Rome slot machines in DEMO mode before you play.

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Ancient Rome Slots

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Octavian Or Imperator Caesar Divi Philius Augustus, was the first emperor in the Roman Empire. He was the sole Emperor of the Roman Empire between 27 BC until his death on 14 AD. The game features flags, soldiers,คาสิโนออนไลน์ weapons of war, shields and Rome as the game’s symbol.

It’s very easy to win this slot game. The format of the game is similar to similar xo slot games. There are five reels, three rows and winnings. This will allow players to place 3 identical symbols in a row from left to right. The Wild symbol, which could be used as a symbol for all the symbols of the game, excluding the Scatter symbol allows you to win. Bonus: 3 or more Scatter Symbols will activate the free spin feature. You will receive 10 free spins and 6 bonus symbols.


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The rates of payout and the symbols for prizes

There are 13 symbols in the game. These include the symbol of the Emperor Augustus General (Scatter) and ship Bonus) arena, and elephant soldiers. Each symbol comes with a different payout rate. These are the rates of payout:

Ancient Rome info

Arena 5x = 600 , 4x = 150, and 3x equals 30

Soldier 5x equals 450, 4x equals 120, and 3x = 30.

Elephant-riding soldiers, 5x = 375, 4x =90 and 3x = 15,

Shield 5x = 300, Shield 4x=75, Shield 3x=15

Flags 5x =240 5x = 240, 4x=75, and 3x=15

A 5x = 215, 4x = 60, and 3x=15.

K 5x = 180 3x = 45 and 4x = 46.

Q 5x = 180, 4x = 45 3x = 15.

J 5x =150, 4x=30 and 3x=15

10 5x =150, 4x=30 and 3x=15

WILD symbol

Ancient Rome

To increase the winning rate and to increase the number of ports on the jack, the Wild symbol may replace all other symbols (except Scatter or Bonus symbols). Mega Win Super Win and SuperMega Win offer you the chance to win

SCATTER symbol

Ancient Rome Scatter

You can get 10 free spins if you have three or more scatter symbols

Bonus symbol

Ancient Rome Bonus

It requires 6 characters to enter into the prize-winning feature. Every free spin you play earns five spins. If you play in the dark slot you will have a chance to win a bonus symbol. Once you have the Bonus symbol, it will remain in the slot and remain.


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